How To Tell If You Need Garage Door Spring Replacement Boulder: 4 Signs

garage door spring repair

About 63% of all currently inhabited homes in the United States include a garage, making it one of the most common home additions. The garage door may be the single most important component of your garage. Because your garage door has so many built-in safety mechanisms, your possessions are safe there.

There are approximately 1,500 openings and closings of your garage door per year. Even while garage doors can survive for decades, the moving parts that allow them to open and close are likely to wear out considerably more quickly and frequently. The spring is one of those components for garage doors.

But how do you know whether the spring on your garage door is broken and needs to be replaced? Here are some of the most common signs of garage door spring replacement Boulder that you should know.

Signs you need garage door spring replacement boulder

1. You Observe Rise and Stop Motions

Opening and closing the door is a breeze when the spring on your garage door is in good shape. When the spring on a garage door breaks, the inverse occurs.

The door may lift a couple of inches before stopping fully. The built-in safety mechanism in your garage door opener is responsible for that.

There is a sensitivity setting on every garage door. Using this option, you can modify the force with which your garage door opens and closes. If the garage door spring fails to work properly, this safety feature will activate immediately to stop any more damage from occurring.

The best course of action is to seek the assistance of a garage door spring repair professional.

2. Your Garage Door Feels Heavy

A broken garage door spring is likely the cause of a garage door that suddenly feels too heavy to open or close. The torsion spring on your garage door typically bears the load when the door is open.

If the torsion spring breaks, the door won’t open or close. Lifting it becomes problematic. That indicates that the spring needs to be inspected and possibly replaced.

3. The Noise From Your Garage Door Is Annoying

When working, the torsion springs on a garage door spin. The kinetic energy released during normal door operation might generate eerie noises when they wear out or fail. You’ll likely hear loud noises in the garage and assume the worst.

If your garage door generates a lot of noise, the problem is probably the spring. Hire a professional for garage door spring replacement.

4. The Garage Door Seems Crooked

A garage door spring plays double duty, helping the door open and close smoothly while keeping it properly aligned. The garage door operates thanks to a pair of torsion springs independently. If one of these springs snaps, the garage door on that side won’t close.

Your garage door will look skewed if you straighten it out. The garage door may be realigned and made to function properly by replacing the spring.


Get your garage door’s springs checked out and replaced immediately. Get in touch with us directly so that we can examine your requirements. If you have any questions or need advice for garage door spring replacement Boulder, our helpful staff is available to help. Get in touch with us right away if you want to be sure your garage door is safe and sound.